Decoupage heart shaped box by Gemma


Step 1. Buy a cardboard heart shaped box. Any size will do. I bought this one from Hobbycraft in the sale for £1.25.


Step 2. Select the type of paper you wish to use. Im using a slightly waxy type of tissue paper but as long as your paper is thin you can use anything from magazines to newspaper.


Step 3. You will need paintbrush and glue. You can use PVA glue or the expensive Mod Podge glue. Im using PVA in an old Mod container.


Step 4. Start applying glue to the paper and stick the paper onto the box. Also apply some of the glue over the paper once its on the box. Keep repeating this process.


Step 5. On the rounded parts of the box, use scissors to cut into the paper to make it fit. Apply extra glue to make the paper stick and use the brush to push the paper into the places that are a bit awkward.


Step 6. Any paper that overhangs can be stuck over onto the inside of the box again using your brush to pat down the paper into the areas.


Step 7. Keep repeating the process and dabbing down the paper with your brush applying glue where its needed.


Step 8. Once youve done the paper you can apply any images you wish. On the inside I have cut out some tulips out from a magazine and glue them on. Ive also stuck small stickers and images Ive found onto the lid of the box.


Step 9. Once the box has dried apply clear varnish. You can but it at a good price at many shops. Apply thin layers until you get the desired effect. Once dried spray a cloth with a small amount of furniture polish. This will stop the lid from sticking.


Full time mum of 3 living in Leeds Slightly fruit loopy, with lots of ups and downs trying to be all arts and crafty. Ive decided to be very frank about everything in my life and treat my blog as my online diary

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4 comments on “Decoupage heart shaped box by Gemma
  1. excellent article. very interesting to read. i really love to read such a nice article. thanks! keep rocking.

  2. Nija says:

    Beautiful! I would like to see more of this art please

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