Making an all in one – romper – onesie from a shirt part 3

So as promised here is the 2nd romper I made from a shirt. This one is sleeveless & shortie style perfect for summer.
Make sure you have your pattern from last time.
Here’s link to how to draw that out:
You will need:
popper tape
First Step
Get your shirt & follow the instructions here for cutting out:


Don’t cut the sleeves out as this romper is sleeveless & use the hem line we did on our pattern from the shorts instead of the full length, as shown.

CIMG7774 CIMG7776

I decided to change the buttons on my shirt because the finished romper is for a boy but the buttons were flowers so this was my next step after cutting my pieces.


Second Step
We need to attach the 2 front pieces together. We do this by buttoning them together they will be when worn start on bottom of buttons & sew across…


…then up the side of the buttons following manufacturers stitching.


I stopped just above the 3rd button down so we create an opening to put romper on the child.


Sew across the 3rd button & back down to crotch.


Third Step
You need to hem your back & 2 front facings.


Before we sew these on you need to overlock just above the buttons because this won’t be faced but needs to be hemmed.


If we faced this part the button holes would be unusable.
We now pin the facings on to the romper. Right side of front facings go against right side of the front romper pieces & sew.


Pin back facing to back romper piece rights sides together. When doing your facings ensure the hem is the right way so you can see the fold when doing this step. Sew along armholes & neck.


When you have done that turn your facings to the inside. Where we overlocked above buttons turn under about 5 mm & pin.


Then sewing that in place also topstitch your facings along neck & armholes. As photo below shows sew so that the facing doesn’t cover your button holes.


As you can see this creates a neat finish to neck & armholes.
Fourth Step
Placing the front romper piece right side to back romper piece we will sew along both sides & across the shoulders.
Make sure you sew the facing securely within your seam allowance.


Once done overlock all raw edges- sides, shoulder, hem & legs.


Straighten crotch out slightly when sew so you don’t create a point.


When doing hem & legs do in a continuous line by lifting foot & needle but don’t cut thread as long as don’t pull the romper right out from under foot the thread will just continue sewing

CIMG8056 CIMG8055

Fifth Step
We will now hem the romper.
Turn under the hem 5 mm then another 5 mm & sew along top.


Just sew the hem so the straight edge. Along inner legs turn the back inside legs in 5 mm & pin popper tape along this turning under the ends.

CIMG8059 CIMG8060

On the front turn the inside leg 5 mm to outside & pin popper tape on. Ensure the tapes match so when worn & poppered up legs are even. Then sew both tapes.


When fastened the crotch & inside leg will sit neatly.
Your done!!

CIMG8071 CIMG8070 CIMG8069 CIMG8068


I am a mum of 2 boys and 1 girl.

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