Machine Review!

So I finally got round to my sewing machine review 🙂

I have a Singer 7467 but I started out with a cheap machine that was about £100 & for a short time was great however it started to rattle a lot & eat my fabric so I upgraded.


I saw this machine in a magazine & seem to remember it was worth £200 but i could get for £99 so I did. I found this a good runner but as I started to sew a lot more I found the lack of functions fustrating. I had no control over stitich width or length so couldn’t perform decent satin stitich. It was a fab machine & would recommend the brand altho some wouldn’t however I would say only if you sew a little, if you plan to sew a lot spend more!!

I finally got my Singer.

I chose this machine mostly due to budget & for my budget (£200) this was best however it was over my budget but I still got & so glad.


I also loved the fact it had 60 stitches! I could never afford an embroidery machine so this was next best thing. I also had my desired stitch length & width feature.

images (1)

This has 2 spool pins. One under the handle & other on top. The back one has a disk to keep your thread in place however I find all my spools are too lonng for this so mostly use to pop the white on if using another colour so I can pop it back on after.

The one on top is removeable but because is upright my spools fit without popping off. I would also like to point out sorry for the pig in this photo but he’s my table buddy cheers me up when bit bored or tired & cheers baby up when he won’t let me finish.


This machine has a drop in bobbin which is handy because so much quicker & easier to renew & can check it as I sew.


It has a removeable ‘drawer’ this is good for sewing sleeves & smaller things & the compartment is fab for all your machine feet, spare needles & screwdriver.


Other things I love about this machine are it beeps. If the socket isn’t in right it beeps, if the buttonhole lever is down it beeps this is handy because otherwise I’d probably be sat there wondering why my machine broke lol!!!

When I wind the bobbin thread on it automatically stops the needle moving which can break or wear it down if didn’t.

I use my machine daily for hours & it as good as new I’ve not had a single problem with it in about 2 years. I bought this make because my mum had this make for years & its still going.

hope this was useful feel free to ask any questions 🙂


Brother Innov is 950d review


I am a mum of 2 boys and 1 girl.

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