Previous papercuts made with love

I have only been papercutting since november last year but already I am constantly on the lookout for pretty backing paper and my next papercut design. After doing a tutorial on papercutting I thought I would show you all some of the past papercuts I have made.

This is the first papercut I ever made and I made it for my gran for christmas 2012.


The next few papercuts were for other family members for christmas.



That last one was for my mum and it’s our family tree.

Here are the christmas cards I made, again for family.


I made quite a few of these 3 designs and backed with different colours.

The one below was for my brothers 18th birthday, he is majorly into bmx-ing and doing tricks on his bike so this summed him up perfectly.


Then there was another birthday, my darling daughter turned 10! I not only had to make a card but make birthday invitations too!


Next is a selection of valentines cards I made (and cheekily gave my other half one of them to save pennies) 🙂





And yet more birthdays cropped up!


After all this making for other people I decided I would make a few just for me 🙂


Then mothers day came around so out came my scalpel again


I did frame it but forgot to take a photo before wrapping it up! Brain like a sieve!

Next is one I made to say thank you to a friend. It is a copy of the one I made my mum for christmas but it’s her family tree instead.


And lastly we’re back to my latest make, the one I used for my tutorial on papercutting in my last blog, its now framed! 🙂


That sums up all the papercuts Ihave made in the past 4 months, but one thing I can say for certain is it won’t be the last, I’m already working on my next design.

Happy crafting everyone

Nichola x



Hi, I am a mother of 3 who loves sewing and more recently papercutting! I mainly make papercut cards but also do some gorgeous cuts that can be framed. My favourite quote at the moment has to be: Don't be creative!!

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One comment on “Previous papercuts made with love
  1. ella says:

    These are beautiful, I will try to make 1 for my daughter’s birthday!

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