Felt Biscuits


How to make calorie free biscuits.

I decided to do 3 types of biscuits so I drew a big circle for largest & smaller circles inside for others. This is to save paper 🙂 The outer circle is a Smarties cookie, next circle is a jammy dodger & inner two make up a party ring.


Start with biggest & place on felt when folded. Cut.


Next circle is for jammy dodgers so I cut 2 outers & 1 inner.


I then cut about 0.5 cm off the ‘jam’.


Trim outer edges with pinking shears. Set aside the ‘jam’ & 2 backs.


Fold top piece in half & draw half a heart in centre. Cut out.


Pin the ‘jam’ to the front you just cut a heart out of.


Sew around heart so ‘jam’ is secured.


Pin the front to back & sew around outer edge.


You have your first 2 biscuits. Next you need to cut out the party ring template. Fold the next circle in half & cut the centre out trying to keep it a full circle.


You should have a ring & a small circle.


Set small circle to the side to use later. Cut out 2 bases & cut circle out same way. You don’t need to keep the base cut outs.


Next chose 2 top colours & cut 2 more rings out. If you layer them you can cut both out at once.


This time keep the cut outs from your ring.


Use the cut outs you kept to decorate the first big biscuits to represent smarties. Pin to top layer.


Use the template cut out circle from earlier to cut a few more ‘smarties’ out.


Now at this point I decorated the front of my party rings through both layers (base & top) however you should decorate just the top coloured layer.


Sew round outer & inner edges with pink in top & beige in bobbin.


N0w sew the ‘smarties’ to the top of the biggest cookie.


Once all ‘smarties’ on place on top of some wadding & cut out.


Trim the wadding so is a little smaller than the cookie.


Sew front & back together. Now you have a full biscuit set that won’t pile on the pounds 🙂 These are fairly flat & you could stuff yours but I just wanted a simple design & most of all easy, quick method.




I am a mum of 2 boys and 1 girl.

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