Cut out appliqué rug


So a lot of you have probably heard about appliqué You sew a cut out shape onto fabric! This is my first cut out appliqué project. It’s basically the opposite of standard appliqué rather than cut the shape to go on the fabric you cut the shape from the main piece & layer a different colour behind!

You will need: fleece or other soft rug topping, cotton may crease easily

different coloured backing for appliqué- great for using scraps

rug backing- if using on carpet most material will do if using on wood floor may wish to use suede or slipper sole material to help prevent slips

scissors, pins & pen

First we make the rug. This rug will be for a canopy which I will make using a hula hoop. The hula hoop represents the sitting area within the canopy therefore the rug needs to be same size!

I measure the hula hoop at widest point outer edge to outer edge. This was 66cm. The fabric I’m using isn’t wide enough to do a full circle so will cut 2 half circles & join to make a full circle.


I measure half of the 66 onto my fabric (33cm) & place hula hoop edge to edge of tape. Now you may look & say surely it should be outer edge to the edge of tape not inner. I decided to do to inner to add a couple of cm’s to the overall size.


Draw round hula hoop onto wrong side of fabric.


Cut out with 1-2cm extra, this will be your seam allowance. I cut both layers at same time.


Once I had both sides I overlaid them by about 1-2cm. I decided to do this over a normal seam because it creates less bulk.


Pin & sew along front & back edge.


Now for the appliqué part. I decided on circle so i cut 3 sizes of circle out of paper & arranged them on the wrong side of my rug. I drew round with pen.


I then drew round the same number of circles in my backing colour.


Start cutting out the circle from rug. To do this easily fold inn half & do a small slit just so can enter scissors.


Cut them out leaving 1cm as shown.


Lay over the right sized circle & pin into place on wrong side.


Do same for all of them.


You can also back you circles with squares that cover the hole. I find circles less bulky but up to you.


Now sew the circles in place on wrong side removing pins as you go.

Once done you need to sort a back & inner.

There’s 2 ways to do this- lazy & lazier. Lazy way: lay the finished rug top on you backing & lay on wadding. Cut out, pin right side to right side of the rug top & backing then sew.

Lazier way: pin rug front to backing then wadding & sew together right side to right side, Trim excess material.

I used 2cm seam allowance to this & the lazy way. Remember to leave a gap for turning rug out. Once turned out you can top stitch whole rug to close gap & secure its shape. You may chose to go over your cut outs to create a semi quilt effect.

You can use same techniques to make a cute blanket or quilt for a new baby with matching rug.

Watch out for the canopy tutorial coming soon.



I am a mum of 2 boys and 1 girl.

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