Sewing roll

So pondering what to make for a present I decided a sewing roll would do the job so here’s my tutorial

First I decided on a size of the main body. Mine was 30 x 20 cm I added 3 cm to these measurements to ensure I had 1.5 cm seam allowance on each side.

My template was 15 x 20 cm so I placed it on the fold. You will need 2 of these plus wadding same size slightly trimmed.


I placed the smaller pockets all with seam allowance added onto 2 lots of fabric because they will all be lined.


I also cut the pockets from interfacing to give them some sturdiness.


I cut a needle book from felt. This was only area that didn’t require extra for seam allowance.


I wanted a pocket for some threads so decided to box the corners. To keep the original dimensions I added 2 cm to the width measurement to do this. Measure in from the side & up from the bottom 2 cm & mark a small box in the corner.


Cut this out.


Folding it so the 2 cut edges of the cut out met pin & sew.

CIMG9870 CIMG9871

Do the outer & lining separate.

Now you need to create your pockets. Place either one with right side of fabrics together with interfacing layered on top & sew around 2 sides & the bottom.

Once sewn turn out & neaten corners. Turn the raw edges in at top & sew to neaten.


Now were ready to attach them to the main body.

For the thread pocket I sewed the bottom part of bottom onto body on the inside then sewed the edges onto the body on the outside.


Once pockets were on I placed the scissors into the pocket & pinned to tab to keep them in place above it to ensure was placed correctly


I added buttons to this.

At this stage you need to decide how to fasten your roll. You can use velcro, buttons, magnets or a tie. I chose a tie, I just made a tie from a strip of fabric turning raw edges in & top stitching.

Layer the inner section to the outer right sides together sandwiching the tie between layers & laying wadding on top of all that.

Sew around leaving small gap for turning.


Turn out & top stitch closing the gap up as you go.


Here’s the roll I did



You can use same idea for jewellery & other items. You can also use up scraps for this.





I am a mum of 2 boys and 1 girl.

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