Shorts Tutorial


I used the Essential Pants Pattern from Etsy shop Jocole. This is a top bargain PDF pattern you get pattern for shorts, capri trousers & full length trousers for ages  stated. Its a very easy pattern to use with a quick guide of how to make which minimises printing!


First of all I folded my folded. Only fold what need so about the width of your pattern.


Place pattern on the fabric so is straight. Some patterns have a point to measure from to ensure its in correct position this one doesn’t.


Cut 2 front & 2 backs. They need to be opposites of each other which is why it’s important to cut on folded fabric.


Once cut out measure the width of the leg holes.


using that measurement but out 4 strips. My leg holes are about 18cm wide & i cut the strips about 6 cm height. Repeat for your waistband but cut one long strip on the fold. The elastic I used was 2.5 cm so I cut waistband 7 cm (2 x 2.5 cm because folded plus 2 cm for turning).


Sew the leg hole strips right sides together with 1 cm seam allowance, to create 2 ‘loops’.


Sew the sides of the shorts with 1 cm seam allowae also. You need to place a front piece right sides to a back piece & sew the long straightest edge.


You next sew the inside leg of each sewn piece with 1 cm seam allowance.


You should have 2 complete legs of shorts. Turn one of these right side out & place inside the other matching the seams as shown.


Its also a good idea to mark which is front & which is back so the waistband remains how should. A back wasitband is higher than a front.


Sew the crutch using 1 cm seam allowance.


The elastic I’m using is 2.5 cm wide so to allow for sewing space i measure 3 cm down from waist & place waist band right side to right side as shown.


Sew this in place once measured & pinned it whole way round. Use maximum of 0.5 cm allowance. Do this on the OUTSIDE of the shorts.


Fold over 0.5 cm on the other edge.


Fold whole waistband to inside, you could also add a ribbon to the back centre to make it easier to identify. I also positioned the seam of the waistband to align with the shorts seam.


Once all pinned & even measurements sew as close to folded edge.


Leave a 5 cm gap for putting elastic through.


With a safety pin on 1 end thread the elastic through till comes out other side, remember to gather waistband as do this or will lose the opposite end.


Once through pull a bit more so clear of the shorts & overlap elastic ends. Secure with a wide zigzag stitch, go over it a couple of times to ensure is strong. Close up gap.


Place the leg extras right side to right side of shorts edge to edge. Match up the 2 seams to the side seams of the shorts & pin.


Sew in place using 1 cm seam allowance.


Fold over the over edge about 0.5 cm seam allowance.


Fold over the leg cuff to inside so the folded egde sits just on the previous stitch  line.


Sew this in place on the outside. If you sew on the outside & it looks neat doesn’t matter if slightly wonky inside.


Your done!


Perfect fit over Baby Critters cloth nappy, these are size 6-12 months.


He is happy here I promise 2 second after I took this picture he launched at me giggling for a cuddle 🙂


You may chose to overlock you inside raw edges. I did.



I am a mum of 2 boys and 1 girl.

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