Heart & Bunny with free pattern!!

So yet another kids party. I normally make felt stuffed letters but I thought I would make something that requires less time & a bit different.

You could also try Sammy’s car caddy as a gift for boy.

Or Danielle’s no sew bow

So I made a bunny & a heart cushion for the 2 girls the party is for.


First print off your free pattern downloadable here –>bunny.heart. You will have to stick the 2 parts of bunny together with sticky tape. Cut both or one pattern out.

 You need 2 opposite pieces so best way is to fold fabric & cut 2 out at same time.

Right sides together once more & sew using minimum 1 cm seam allowance.


Leave a 5 cm gap at the base of the bunny for turning & stuffing.

Turn right way out & stuff. You can make this as firm or soft as you wish.


Slip stitch the gap closed.  You may wish to add features to the bunny or leave it as a silhouette style. You could add a pom-pom for the tail or over lay coordinating felt. I chose to tie with a ribbon to define the tail & add hint of prettiness.


Now to make the heart!

To make the heart fold your fabric & place the pattern on the fold using pins to secure. Depending on size your after you may chose to cut the size it is (remember at least 1 cm will be seam allowance) or you can cut an extra 2-3 cm border to make it slightly bigger.

Cut 2.

With right sides together sew around using minimum of 1 cm seam allowance.


Leave a 5 cm gap at the side for stuffing.

Turn right way & stuff. You can make as firm or soft as you wish.

Now slip stitch it closed as you did the bunny.

These are perfect for any size piece of material from small scraps to large pieces. Both could be made from a fat quarter or 2 if prefer, just adjust how big you print it out.

It’s really that simple. No special technique just 2 simple rules cut 2 opposites & leave a gap for turning.






I am a mum of 2 boys and 1 girl.

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