Joggers to shorts

We start with full length joggers worn once for a Mr Bump dress up for World Book Day & a child in need of shorts.


I wanted some shorts to fit just below the knee so decided 20 cm was just enough to lop off. You will have to either measure a pair of shorts against these for length difference or measure your child’s leg.

I measured 20 cm from hem up the leg on  both legs. I made sure the trousers were laid flat & front & back leg hem matched up. I marked the 20 cm point with pins. 


Then I cut straight across the leg just below pin line. This line will allow for hemming so remember to take off at least 1 cm for this I say take off rather than add on because remember you measure up from hem.


Turn under the hem once…


… and again to create a closed hem with no raw edge showing.


Sew as close to the top edge as possible all round.


You have a pair of shorts for free & not wasted wearable clothes.





I am a mum of 2 boys and 1 girl.

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  1. shroomypix says:

    Reblogged this on theredspottymushroom and commented:

    Here I show you how I turned Big Critter’s joggers to shorts for free TRACY 🙂

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